In other words, your brand is your reputation.


If any if these statements are true, we can help.

You’re losing new business.

We’ll help you figure out why, with insights and creativity that will boost your reputation and business.

Your brand is stale.

We’ll help you freshen things up with strategic positioning and identity that sets you up for success.

You need ideas. Big ideas.

Our IdeaStorming sessions will get you the kind of big ideas you need to achieve your goals.

Brand positioning, messaging, identity, and management.

We build focused and consistent brands for businesses that deliver a great reputation and grow the bottom line. We have the strategic & creative experience to help you succeed.

...Andy Brenits can change your business trajectory in one visit. That is not an exaggeration.
Lauren Archibeque The Growth Company
...Andy helped me by designing a brand identity that is beautiful, and represents the new direction of the company perfectly.
David Mansure General Manager, AdobeStar Properties

...Andy helped me gain insight into the branding and marketing strategies of our competitors, so that we could begin our own rebranding process.

Michael Herrera MHA Consulting
...Working with Andy is alway engaging, eye-opening, and a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend Andy to any small business who needs creativity and objectivity about their business...
David Mansure General Manager, AdobeStar Properties

...The brand audit Andy prepared allowed us to compare what our competitors are doing, to our own current branding and marketing processes which concluded with a strategic action plan we could start implementing immediately...

Michael Herrera CEO, MHA Consulting Inc.

...Brenits Creative helped us by performing a brand audit that provided valuable insights into our current branding, and the pain points of our audience. The result was an easily achievable action plan for fine-tuning our brand, including messaging and context.

Sabine Lenz Owner, PaperSpecs
...Andy took the time to produce a comprehensive branding solution. The product was an outstanding reflection of the company, which is entirely to the credit of Andy’s attention and creativity.
Craig Lipset President, Critical Path Imaging

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Free Brand Checkup Worksheet

Starting a company? A brand checkup can help you start thinking now about key fundamental areas that strong brands are built on. It only takes 15 minutes.