Sometimes we’re too close to our brand to really make the changes necessary for over-the-top success.

That’s where we come in with a Brand Audit.

I’ll evaluate your business’ branding and marketing strategies to determine where the gaps are, and I’ll help you develop new strategies to fill in the gaps to empower your brand for success! I’ll give you my proven guidance – gleaned from working with top-notch experts, industry thought leaders and multi talented, world-renowned creatives for more than two decades – to help you meet your goals and maximize your potential.

We have three approaches to this

Competitor Audit: A Look At Your Competition

We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your key competitors brand messages, imagery and tone, digital programs and communications as a framework for positioning your brand or program.

Competitive Audit: Comparing You To The Competition

In addition to a comprehensive analysis of your key competitors, we also analyze your current brand touch points, messages, digital and analog communications and systems that drive audience engagement. We’ll then compare you to your competition to unearth key opportunities for building a reputable (and believable) position in the market.

Deep Brand Audit: A Deep Dive Inside And Out

Adding to the competitive audit of your competition, and an analysis of your own branding, we’ll conduct interviews with your employees, key stakeholders and clients to gain deep insights into what makes your organization tick, what makes it stand out from the competition, and how people perceive your brand (your reputation) both inside and out.

...Andy helped me by designing a brand identity that is beautiful, and represents the new direction of the company perfectly.
David Mansure General Manager, AdobeStar Properties

...Andy helped me gain insight into the branding and marketing strategies of our competitors, so that we could begin our own rebranding process.

Michael Herrera MHA Consulting

...The brand audit Andy prepared allowed us to compare what our competitors are doing, to our own current branding and marketing processes which concluded with a strategic action plan we could start implementing immediately...

Michael Herrera CEO, MHA Consulting Inc.
...Andy took the time to produce a comprehensive branding solution. The product was an outstanding reflection of the company, which is entirely to the credit of Andy’s attention and creativity.
Craig Lipset President, Critical Path Imaging
...The identity and marketing materials Andy created for Fairfield Partners, positions our boutique firm very well amongst our competition, and gives us the advantage we need over other firms that don’t communicate themselves as well...
Vartan Ibranyan Founder, Fairfield Partners, LLC
...Andy was able to solve our challenge of creating a corporate identity and marketing program consistent with our strategic needs. The results of the strategic analysis and design Andy performed are world class, and give Savitas the advantage we need over our competitors.
Jamison Gil President, Savitas
...the branding strategy that Andy helped us with at Sam Schwartz LLC our first year when he designed SSC logo and have endured more than a decade through to this day.
Michael Fishman The Sam Schwartz Company

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