Brenits Creative is a branding and creative strategy consultancy specializing in helping business owners achieve success through strategic creativity and brand consistency. We help businesses with branding, marketing, design and creative strategy. We’re here to help your business grow, and build a consistent image and positive reputation.

We are passionate about the creative process, and how it can be used to drive profitability and business goals. Our approach is strategic, pragmatic, and holistic in gaining a thorough understanding of your needs to conceive, create, and define your brand through each stage of development.

Led by Andy Brenits, a creative strategist, speaker, and Columbia University professor whose experience includes leading creative teams for national and international brands. With an understanding of how creativity can be used to drive profitability when used effectively, and consistently, he aligns his work with his clients’ business objectives.

“I am drawn to working with emerging brands because I understand the unique challenges associated with making the leap from employee to business owner. I can relate to the overwhelming desire to turn expertise into enterprise.”

Creativity is a journey, not a destination.

Great solutions to tough challenges can only come from strong relationships and collaborative work. How the work gets done is just as important as the end result. We’ve helped many start-ups get up and running, supported established organizations, and helped consultancies re-focus with intelligence that empowers them to blow the competition away. We work with business owners and brand builders who are ready to:

  • Roll up their sleeves to make to make their “big idea” happen.
  • Stop the excuses and build a brand that illuminates the best they have to offer.
  • Become known as THE go-to in their respective industry.
  • Tap into their inner ‘star’ and become the brand their ideal clients are talking
  • Translate their dreams into goals and put their goals into action.

When you do this, you’ll be able to connect on a deep level with your ideal clients. You’ll be THE authority in your field, and you’ll be able to turn your “Big Idea” into reality.

We believe in these eight driving principles;
  • Have a “Big Idea”. Anyone can be taught to execute, but being able to brainstorm and develop new ideas is key to bringing value to a business.
  • A logo is not a brand. A logo visually represents your brand. The brand is the essence of who you are and your reputation.
  • Strategy first, execution second. You can never spend too much time developing a strategy.
  • Design is everything. From products and marketing to processes and operations, everything is designed.
  • Listen up. Ask questions to get a deep understanding of issues, and listen as intently for the answers you don’t get as much as the ones you do get.
  • Resources are key. People, money, and information are all you have. Manage (things) wisely and lead (people) with courage.
  • Great solutions take partnership. Great solutions to tough challenges can only come from strong relationships and collaborative work.
  • Have a sense of humor. About everything.
Andy took the time to truly understand the company mission and produce a comprehensive branding solution (from logo to website and everything in between). The product was an outstanding reflection of the company, which is entirely to the credit of Andy’s attention and creativity. Craig Lipset

President, Critical Path Imaging

Brenits Creative helped us by performing a brand audit that provided valuable insights into our current branding, and the pain points of our audience. The result was an easily achievable action plan for fine-tuning our brand, including messaging and context. Sabine Lenz

Owner, PaperSpecs.com

I’ve worked with Andy from Brenits Creative before at another company, so I turned to him again to rebrand AdobeStar Properties, and our 2 flagship brands. Andy helped me by designing a brand identity that is beautiful, and represents the new direction of the company perfectly. The result was something that made my owners and our customers happy, and will help to attract our target audience. David Mansure

General manager, AdobeStar Property Management

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